Satvik Subhiksha Savings Scheme

Satvik Subhiksha Deposit & Save Scheme

                        Terms and conditions

Satvik Organic Pvt Ltd, with its retail shops located at #3, Mallikarjuna Temple Street, Basavangudi Bangalore 560004 & Satvik Swasthya #90, 2nd Main Road Jayanagar 7th Block and Online Website & Android Mobile App, collectively is called as Satvik Stores.


1. The Satvik Subhiksha scheme, is valid for three years.

2. The depositor will be provided Satvik Subhiksha Card, which is valid till the Maturity Date.

3. The depositor can purchase any category mentioned below in Satvik Stores at the following discounted rates against the M.R.P


Discount on MRP

Maximum Purchase allowed per month , to avail discount

Grocery , Personal Care, Home Care


` 5000

A2 Desi Cow Milk

10 %

 0.5 Litre Coupons - 60 Numbers per Month

Fruits And Vegetables

10 %

` 2500


30 %

1 (First)


20 %


Ayurveda Therapies

10 %

` 5000


There is no discount on Medicines & Ayurveda Consultation or any other items not mentioned above, as per the norms of the Compnay.

4. For Abhyanga Massage, coupons along with the expiry date, will be issued to the depositor, which needs to be used before the expiry date.

5. The depositor can give the coupons to any other family members/friend.

6. The upper limit on monthly purchase to avail the disount in Satvik Stores, as mentioned in Point 3.

7. Ther is no limit on number of times, in a month the depositor can purchase in Satvik Stores, to avail the discount.

8. Minimum limit for any purchase to avail discount is ` 200 ( Rupees Two Hundred Only ).

9. Home Delivery charges, will apply as per the normal policies of Satvik Stores.

10. To avail the discount, the depositor need to produce the “Satvik Subhiksha” card at the time of purchase & mention their registered Phone Number on retail stores.

11.  The depositor can mention her registered phone number for Phone Orders.

12. To avail the discount on Online Stores, the customer will be registered as Satvik Subhiksha customer and the discount would be applied automatically.

13. Satvik Organic has the right to change any promotions / any scheme/ policies without prior Notice.

14. These discounts may not be clubbed with other schemes offered by Satvik Stores, and its solely at the discretion of the Satvik Stores whether to include additional discounts, along with this deposit and save scheme.

15. The depositor has the option of redeeming the deposit amount of  ` 12,000 in their purchase between 30-36 months of the deposit period. The redeemption amount would be calculated on the billing amount, after the discount.

16. A separate register would be maintained at Satvik Stores where the depositor needs to sign their redeemption purchases.

17. There is no limit on number of times he/she has to purchase for redeemption of the deposited money.

18. Satvik Organic Pvt Ltd, is liable to pay the Depositor on the Maturity date, the remaining deposit amount after deducting any purchase redemption between the 30-36th month.

19. Under no circumstances the deposited amount would be refunded within the Maturity date.  

20. The amount deposit carries no interest.

21. If the Subhiksha Card, is misplaced/stolen depositor needs to inform Satvik Stores for replacement at a nominal cost of ` 200/-


Satvik Organic Pvt Ltd thanks you for trusting us and being part of ORGANIC REVOLUTION, to save the environment and provide good health to us.


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