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Fine lines and wrinkles are a fact of ageing. The skin starts to show signs of ageing in late 20’s. Jovees has developed a natural 30+ youth cream that contains ingredients derived from natural source..
Rs 135.00
This brightening face wash is enriched with high quality natural plant, fruit and herbal extracts that eliminates all traces of impurities, prevents dryness and replenishes the skin with moisture for ..
Rs 245.00
This face wash is produced scientifically making sure each ingredient used does not loose its properties during the processes. An excellent recipe for removing tanning and dark spots due to various en..
Rs 190.00
This special pearl series product has been developed using nano technology. The nano skin care technology involves the inclusion of nano particles in the range of 100 to 140 microns within the product..
Rs 175.00
Jovees ultra radiance 24k gold face wash specially developed using latest scientific methods to help bring glow and radiance to your skin. It shall helps to mitigate fine lines making your skin look y..
Rs 225.00
The amount of melanin, the skins pigmenting agents in the body determines the color of the skin. Each product has been developed using ingredients derived from natural source and processed scientifica..
Rs 215.00
This whitening natural serum is formulated with high quality herbs and botanicals that work in synergy to fundamentally improve skin quality. It resists against visible concerns such as uneven skin to..
Rs 475.00
Tea tree oil control face wash contains precious herbs and botanical extracts specially developed exclusively for oily and sensitive skin. It deep cleanses skin, removes excessive oil and also helps t..
Rs 145.00
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