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A2 Milk (Organic Desi Cow Milk)
Why organic raw milk from desi cows ? ..
Rs 45.00
Black Rice is sourced from Manipur. It is a glutinous variety of rice which is nutritionally dense. A spoonful of black rice bran contains more health promoting anthocyanin antioxidants than in a spoo..
Rs 260.00
English : italian millet/Foxtail millet, Bengali : kaon, Gujarati : kang, Hindi : kakum, Kannada : navane, Marathi : kang, rala, Oriya : kanghu, kangam, Kora, Punjabi : kangni, Tamil : tenai, Telugu :..
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Anardana or dried seeds of the pomegranate fruit have a fruity, mildly sweet and tangy taste. They are used as a souring agent in Indian cuisine in a manner similar to tamarind, kokum and amchur. Thes..
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Naturally yours


This delicious blend of roasted and salted sunflower, pumpkin & watermelon seeds is naturally high in Protein, Fibre, Iron and Vitamin E. Enjoy it straight out of the packet as a healthy snack or spri..
Rs 217.00 Rs 206.15
Rs 55.00 Rs 52.25
If you're in the mood for a chewy snack that doubles as a phenomenal health food, look no further than pumpkin seeds. With a wide variety of nutrients ranging from magnesium and manganese to copper, p..
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Rs 55.00 Rs 52.25
Looking for a health-promoting snack? Enjoy a handful of mild nutty tasting sunflower seeds with their firm but tender texture to take care of your hunger and get a wealth of nutrition at the same tim..
Rs 55.00 Rs 52.25
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