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Our present generation is losing health to gain wealth then

Spend their wealth to gain back their health 

Is it possible to have both ?


What is wrong with us ?.  In the era of utmost advancement of medical technology why there so many of us are falling sick. How many medical shops and hospitals were there in Bangalore 30 years ago, and how many are there now ?.


How come our earlier generations with least of the current availability of medical technology were more healthy & happier than us ?


Are these modern dieasease which our grand parents have not heard of, are because of external factors , or self made, to be more specific starts from the mind ? If the diesease starts from mind, cure should also be there ??


After all we have only one body, and its wise to keep it healthy & clean. With healthy body you can start enjoying life better, be more productive in your work, have a better relationships and an useful citizen to the society.  With proper health, the wealth you have earned can be experienced much better like you can eat what you want to eat, without any guilt/fear, have more energy at the end of the day to purse your hobbies,….


In order to create a holistic wellness center based on the thousands of years of ancient wisdom of Ayurveda , Yoga & other natural therapies of our land, we have created  Satvik Swasthya, in Jaynagar, Bengaluru.


Here we offer authentic holistic treatment based on the person’s nature ( prakruti). Our Ayurvedic Vaidya will identify the nature ( prakruti ) and the Vikrutis ( current imbalance ) which is root cause of all ailments, by non invasive diagnosis called Nadi Pariksha.


Based on the findings we suggest proven Ayurvedic treatments ,  Yoga therapy sessions, Sri Sri Marma , Meru Chiktiksa, Naturopathy , Diet Consultation, Life style changes suggestions & offer pure natural groceries/vegetables for a long lasting holistic treatment, without any side effects.


Look at our  broucher  to get to know about our various methods. We also offer specialized packages for various modern day ailments.  

Refer our list of  Specialized Ayurvedic Vaidyas  

Book an appointment for a Healthier YOU.

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