Eat Whatever you want !!! -How

In continuation of our articles on "Eat whatever you want - When" now will ponder upon how to eat.

Well , you might say "we have been eating throughout our life, would have eaten tons and tons of food, what are these new instructions on how to eat.  Eating food, is  the most simplest thing".    Though everybody knows to eat, we have forgotten or not aware of some basic rules.  Like most of the problems in our life, the solution lies in the simple things, not any complex stuff.

 Most of the physical problems manifest from the basic fact that food we eat are not digested properly. When digestion is improper and our health follows.  

PAUSE ...........  Before reading further, can you close your eyes and think of how we eat our food daily. 

Is it  one of these scenarios.   Hurried breakfast, gobbling up food , watching  TV, chatting with friends, one hand on the computer another hand on the lunch box, reheating the food in microwave,  restaurant /marriage buffet with plate full ,skipping meals,......  

 If any of these scenarios happen mostly in your life, then this blog is for you.  

   Explaining  with simplicity , our digestive system has grinding part ( the teeth ) & decomposing,assimilation  part the stomach & intestines.  So if the grinding part is not done properly,   then the digestion is improper, and our  health follows.

The saliva also acts as a catalyst in the digestion, if time is not given for the food to get grinded and mixed with saliva, then be assured that food is not going to get digested properly. 

If you are person who keeps talking and opening the mouth while chewing, the air mixed with food is  problem for digestion. Water consumed during food , even immediately before/after food dilutes the acidic juices and affects the digestion.

Most important, mind not concentrated on the food, while eating does not register that you have eaten and even though stomach is full , mind feels hungry and goes out to look for snacks.  

 As each taste connects to each of the internal organs, as we keep the food in the mouth, the taste buds signals and energises the organs, so it makes sense taste the food ( even if its not very tasty )

Another basic rule, which we forget is that we eat food even we are not hungry.  When we are not hungry means, stomach is still occupied in digesting the previously eaten food.   If we follow the basic rule eating only when we are hungry, most of the problems gets  solved automatically.  If  often you don't get hungry  often, there is some problem in the digestive system, better to consult any Ayurvedic/Naturopathy physician.

As we expect holidays from office work, providing holiday to the digestive system, by fasting regularly ( weekly, fornigthly )  even on fruits , kitchadi , cutting down on our food intake, is a great stress buster for it.

Fruits eaten before food helps in the digestion. Eating fruits after the food also spoils the natural flow of digestion.

Reheating the food spoils all the energy in it.   Micro wave heating/re-heating is inviting unwanted diseases. 

Just eating with full attention on the food,  chewing , mixing with saliva is all it takes.  If you have any doubts, just observe any animal or a small child eating. They are more alinged to their natural way, and hence more healthy.

 You would be amazed , if can you take a challenge of following these simple tips for a week and see the difference it makes for yourself. 

Next ...................      Major food items to avoid and finding alternates, to stay healthy and eat more.

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