Why are we so Tolerant ??

            Few days ago, I received a whatsapp message in one of the countless groups I am in. It depicted a packet of  cooking Oil of a certain brand. This brand proudly printed "Manufactured with imported Crude Oil" right in the middle of the packet* .  Well, my common sense said that there must be something wrong.  Just to test people's reaction I forwarded the pic to some more groups to test their reaction. All I received were just one or two expressions of "OMG" and that's it.  Life continues.......

Point of this blog is not about whether you can eat crude oil or not, but how come our society has become so tolerant ?

Just remembered the story of an experiment conducted on a set of frogs. When you put a frog on a piece of hot plate, it will jump immediately out of it. Its Natural.  But the scientists did something different.  They put the same frog on a normal plate and slowly started heating the plate. You know what the frog did? As the temperature slowly started rising, it adapted its body to the increasing heat. But in the process, it became very weak, and finally when the heat became unbearable, it wanted to jump out. But couldnot beacause of its weakness and hence, perished.

I think, we are also like the frogs in the above experiment. Due to ignorance, laziness, lethargy, (not because of lack of options),  we keep on adapting ourselves to the onslaught of chemicals , pesticides, crude oils etc in our daily life,  and then by the time we want to jump out, its too late.

I am a yoga instructor, and when some of my clients tell me that they don't have time to eat and sleep, then I ask myself, what are they working for? It makes me feel that may be the nature already knew that the mankind would get into this state some day and that’s why it had kept the breathing in involuntary nervous system!! If not, you would find people just collapsing in the office. 

I am still wondering, though there are so many options available for natural & healthy living, what makes us wanting to adapt? Point to ponder upon….

Note *: I went and checked the same brand pack yesterday to keep it as a souvenir, in the latest batches they have removed that line. Everything else remains the same.


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