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Art of Living organisation is founded by H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankar guruji.  For all its programs & various activities visit

 Also Raise Your Immunity by following these ancient proven Ayurvedic/Yoga methods

Introduction Sessions  about Sri Sri Yoga Level 2

   May 17  11-11.30 am / 7-7.30 pm

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Sudarshan Kriya    Life  Knowledge

Every emotion is connected with breath.
If you can change the breath you can change the emotion - Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar

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Introduction about  the Program      


Asanas   Pranayama  Meditation  DETOX  Wisdom

Experience Authentic  Yoga   Sri Sri Yoga Level 2


Intro  about Sri Sri Yoga Level 2


Know Your Child Parents of children (5-12) yrs,  

 Know Your Teen for Parents of teenagers     

How can a parent communicate better with children and teenagers? The Art of Living offers short workshops that throw light on children and teens, their behavior and the issues that affect them. Learn simple ways to understand and respond to your children, and how to keep parenting firm, fair and fun.

Wellness Program

Ayurveda   Yoga  LifeStyle Knowledge  to control all Modern Day diseases

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To know  more about him, can listen to his answers in vokal ,  read his blogs , view his channelAbout the  teacher ( Shankar ) 
   Happily retired from IT after 18 years of IT corporate life,  Director of Satvik Organic Pvt Ltd , disciple of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji & actively teaching various Art of Living programs to make people healthy & happy. 

For  more information contact  9845589393

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