In these current troubled quarantined times, instead of just being worried , it would be a good idea to protect ourselves by raising our immunity levels.

Raising Immunity  can be thought of in three ways.  

              1)   What goes in to your system ( what you eat )

               2)  What you do in the day ( Lifestyle )

               3)   What goes out of your system ( excretion )

Here we will cover the basics of what you can do everyday to protect yourself .  The idea of this blog is to give you simple practical tips, which everybody can follow. Here we are not going into details to keep it short while giving external links for more references.

Along with the suggested social distancing guidelines given by government, following these tips will give you better protection against the raging virus.

1 ) What you eat.

Our Ancient indian style of cooking is a holistic system which takes care of keeping ourselves protected against many diseases.   So go back to basic indian cooking, use the ingredients your grand parents used, in your daily recipies.

a ) Indian Spices

Common Indian spices which we were using for thousand of years. Especially consider these more which boosts the immunity

Trikatuku  :  Mixture of  Black Pepper, Dry ginger powder,  Pippali ( Long pepper )  

Kalonji seed ( Karu Jeeragam )  mixed with Honey. It has Hydroxyclroquine useful to fight against Corona .


Tulasi , Neem leaves ( or powder )

b) Foods to avoid

Definetly cut down on White Sugar, as every teaspoon of white sugar is known to cut down your immunity levels by 50% for two hours.  You can use Jaggery/Brown sugar instead of white sugar.

c ) Alkalline (pH) Levels

Nowadays we tend to eat more acidic nature foods ( e.g fried items, masala , non vegetarian, soda,… ) , which is harder for the body to digest. Generally alkaline foods are easy for the body to digest & hence it helps in overall well being.  

Plan to have to more alkaline based foods.  We can also make Alkaline Water & drink it daily.

d) Ayurveda Tablets

Shakti Drops,  Amrut  from Sri Sri Tattwa

You can order from our store to get these basic ingredients & ayurveda tablets, home delivered.

2 ) What you do ( Lifestyle )

We all know intellectually that our wrong lifestyle & stress is the cause of decreased immune system & hence many of our illnesses. Just following these simple things can help you in a long way to strengthen your immune system.

a ) Follow the Sun.

 Basically we forgot to do what for millions of years human beings were doing , leading us to many psycho-somatic new diseases never heard of before. We forgot to follow the Sun. 

 Body does lots of internal actions based on its own Circadian Clock, which is synchronised with solar time. The most intelligent thing to do is allow the body to do its functions, when it is supposed to do.

  Most important action for immunity is daily detox , which happens more in the night.  All we have to do is allow the detox to happen, by eating early dinner ( by 7 pm) sleeping early ( atleast by 10 pm ) .  Sleep Well in the night for great health.When sun goes down start relaxing & sleep and wake up along with the sun.  

b) Yoga Asanas & pranayams.

We all know the benefits of yoga asanas & pranayams. It does’nt require any equipment or large space and it involves the whole body. As we all are restricted in our movements nowdays, it would be a great idea to start doing Yoga Asanas.

You can follow Simple yoga asanas online sessions in    &     Simple Breathing Techniques 

c ) Meditation

In these troubled times, to reduce the tension & fear ,  intelligent way to calm the mind is meditation.

You can do simple guided meditations, led by Sri Sri Ravishankar guruji Live Online daily 12 noon , 7.30 pm IST at 

d) Use the extra time.

Keep yourself occupied by doing any useful activities for self development. When you are busy, mind becomes more positive.

3 ) Elimination

One of the basic cause of all diseases is how much toxins/Morbid matter/Ama  is stagant in your system.   Unwanted waste in the system causes many blockages in the flow of  blood ( eg cholestrol ) & many other fluid movements inside the body. 

When the first two points mentioned above is done  properly by us,, body does the waste elimination properly.

Every day it tries to detox , every breath it tries to detox .

There are many Yoga & Ayurvedic methods available for detox, but as we might not get access to those nowdays, we can do these to aid the elimanation. 

You can refer our Ayurvedic experts later for personalised detox procedures.

a ) Fasting

  When you have well rested weekend, you work better next week.  Similary when you give rest to the digestive system, it works better. When the body digestive system gets atleast 16 hours of rest , it starts Autophagy. It means Self Eating.  Main purpose of Autophagy is to remove debris and self-regulate back to optimal smooth function.

If you have not fasted before, follow these simple guidelines . Always consult your Ayurvedic doctor for any personalised caring.

b ) Castor Oil Detox flush

This was done even till our previous generation regularly, but somehow missed out in our present generation. Ask your parents/grand parents the benefits.  Its a great laxative which triggers bowel movements to flush out the accumulated waste in the intestines.

Early morning ( before 6 am ), drink 3-4 teaspoons of pure castor oil with wam water.  Keep hydrating yourself  as you keep going to the washroom for next 4-5 hours.  After the washroom rush, eat very light food (e.g Moong dhal khichidi) throughout the day.

Note : For Fasting & Castor Oil Detox if you have any other underlying health condition, get advice from your doctor before proceeding.

c )  Deep breathing

Every breath out,  our body is trying to remove the toxins.  Let’s aid our body to flush out more toxins by doing deep yogic breathing.

Hope these simple tips would help you in these turbulent times.  Let us know your reactions & experiences, in the comments.

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