Royal Rice

Rajamudi rice makes me realize what we have been missing.                       

It is a brown rice—some say it is a red rice—so robust and right that you do not miss the texture of whiterice. The rice does not need to be soaked, as so many brown rice varieties do, and enthusiastically absorbs infused flavours.

I have been cooking Rajamudi for a month, but I discovered its cooperative qualities over the weekend when I merged it with raw vgetables and a puréed masala base and steamed the whole lot in a humble ricecooker. All this was made with one-and-a-half teaspoon of olive oil. My sternest in-house critic, my four-year-old daughter, cleared the Rajamudi rice pulao, so you can make it for the entire family. 

When I researched Rajamudi’s origins, I realized why it appeared to be superior to other unpolished ricevarieties. Rajamudi rice was originally grown for the Wodeyars, the dynasty that ruled the former kingdom of Mysore. One story mentions that subjects who could not pay their taxes were urged to give their sovereign Rajamudi rice instead. It isn’t available in supermarkets, but is available in speciality stores and the occasional exhibition that showcases our diminishing agricultural traditions.

Rajmudi Rice has 3% of dietary fibers compared to white polished ricewhich has 0%. This makes a good choice for your healthy diet.

Rajamudi Rice  as the name suggests comes from a Royal patronage where this rice was only developed for Royals of Mysore in earlier days.This is one in 100 Types of rice which is preferred as a dietary supplement. This semi-polished rice can be used as a daily need and any one can have it as it contains rich fibers. Available in 5, 10Kg bag. The rice used will not only give the aroma and taste but also has a medicinal benefits by which all our customers can nourish the flavor with utmost confidence

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